Community events and festivals are an important part of our community life and culture. At their best, they can be a place for children, family and friends to gather and enjoy music, festivities, cultural events and community traditions. Festivals and other public events can play a dual role in community norms by both setting and reflecting them. Community events are often opportunities to celebrate the community and its identity. Unfortunately, those events may unintentionally support and encourage heavy use of alcohol and youth initiation. Managing alcohol consumption needs to be a major consideration in event planning to ensure healthy and safe communities.

The community event toolkit package has been developed through extensive design, testing, and improvements to create a turn-key solution to empower prevention groups, local governments, law enforcement, and vendors to host safe events and mitigate the impact alcohol has on our youth.

Support Materials:

The Sylvestri Customization team is committed to creating healthier, safer, more productive communities and will go out of our way to help you promote and gain adoption of toolkit usage. Some sample items that will be included in your toolkit purchase include:

  • Community Introduction PowerPoint
  • Toolkit Vendor Announcement Postcard
  • Sample Local Ordinance Policy Language
  • Check-In/Check-Out Forms
  • Template Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for additional locations

Toolkit Makeup:

The community event toolkit has been developed to include top-of-the-line materials customized for use in community event settings. Contents include:

  • 2020 ID Checking Guide
  • 10”x 14” Heavy-duty Plastic “Must Be 21” Signs (8)
  • 10”x 14” Heavy-duty Plastic “ID Required” Signs (4)
  • 10”x 14” Heavy-duty Plastic “No Alcohol Beyond This Point” Signs (4)
  • 10”x 14” Heavy-duty Plastic “Under 30” ID Signs (2)
  • “We ID” Buttons (25)
  • Event Staff Buttons (25)
  • UV Flashlights (2)
  • 1,000’ Custom “Must Be 21 to Enter” Barricade Tape
  • Wristbands (4 colors of 500 each)
  • Responsible Retailing Manual
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws
  • Portable ID Scanner *Optional

Online Platform:

Our team is currently developing the first of its kind community event toolkit platform. The platform will enable enhanced promotion, streamlined reservation and toolkit checkout, inventory management, and reporting. By purchasing your toolkit through Sylvestri Customization’s website you will receive access to the platform free of cost after its releasing.

Purchase Toolkit:

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