Marketing and Branding

Impressions 400,000


Engaging youth and parents on the topic of substance abuse and prevention in a manner that is genuine, interesting, and engaging is one of the greatest challenges of prevention. However, positively impacting the youth can lead to the greatest long-term savings and ensure a healthier future generation.


We contracted with the Prevention Management Organization (PMO) and Wyoming High School Athletic Association (WHSAA) to plan, develop, and implement a hybrid digital and in-person experience to facilitate conversations and provide resources around substance use. We partnered with local communities to film messages from local athletes, coaches, and announcers featuring local statistics on alcohol, tobacco, and medication abuse. These messages also encouraged viewers to download the prevention education native application.  Location-based Snapchat filters were implemented for all WHSAA state culminating events.  Finally, we developed an in-person program, encouraging youth to make posters using branded poster board.


The results were staggering generating nearly 400,000 impressions across all channels. The local videos have been shared over 1,700 times on Facebook. The Snapchat filters were used more than 13,500 times. We are confident that we helped the Wyoming PMO and WHSSA achieve their goals of educating athletes, parents, and family around substance prevention.