Emerging tech and custom solution

Increased Communication Efficiency 30%

The Challenge:

The key to success in any project is communication. No industry struggles with this more than custom home building. General contractors have many moving pieces, sometimes they forget to keep the home buyer in the loop with changes and updates. Fluid Blueprint was designed to remove this challenge by facilitating seamless communication from start to finish on a common digital set of blueprints

The Execution:

www.Fluidblueprint.com was designed to have a modular format allowing for each builder to customize the look and feel for their clients. The program was developed for virtually no coding required by the client.  With only with a 30-minute self-guided user training session, homeowners, contractors, and specialists could be on the same page.


Fluid Blueprint was implemented on a custom home builder in North Scottsdale helping to track their new projects as well as warranty work. The system was able to centralize communication helping an “old dog” (contractor) have a new trick of wowing future clients and reducing the constant back and forth.